Updates and Questions From the Community

TrackBSC updates include:

  • Tracking most single dividend token rewards
  • Tracking most “choose your own” dividends tokens BNB value
  • Tracking LP tokens for supported exchanges
  • Add or remove liquidity for any token
  • Improved account switching
  • Connecting wallet from other networks (BSC, Avalanche, Polygon, ETH, KCC)
  • Added support for another top 25 volume exchange
  • TrackBSC will check each tokens liquidity-adjusted value on both exchanges and direct you the exchange that offers the most value
  • Re-factored code to allow to track additional exchanges
  • Updated frontend styling

What updates are coming up next?

  • Tracking additional high volume exchanges
  • List view of all tracked exchanges a token can be sold on so you can see exactly how much more value is available on the highest value exchange or take advantage of an arbitrage opportunity where the price is significantly less on one exchange than another.
  • Candle charts
  • Additional token info including total, burnt and circulating supply as well as the percent of the circulating supply that the tracked wallet holds
  • Market cap (price x circulating supply)
  • Number of holders
  • Recent trades

After that (still in first thought stages and still constantly evolving):

  • Option to favorite tokens so you can monitor tokens you don’t hold by selecting the “favorites” tab next to the tokens and LP’s tabs
  • Option to show/hide tokens from your portfolio
  • Explore/voting page where any token can be voted on and each week the top voted tokens will earn a free spot for the following on our featured tokens section. This would encourage people from various token projects to come and vote, and while they are at it they can check their portfolio and reflection rewards.
  • Connect multiple wallets for a combined portfolio
  • Track portfolios on other Ethereum networks like: ETH Mainnet, Polygon, Avalanche and this will come with a rename of the platform as it will no longer be exclusive to the BSC network.

Updating the Roadmap:

Will there be an app in the future?

When marketing?

  1. Token being added to the list of official tokens which will be on the earnings page
  2. Added section on their token info page with their official listing badge and link to their website.




There's only 1 token

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Only 1 Token

Only 1 Token

There's only 1 token

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