Reflecting on Reflection…

Reflect fees/rewards have been a very popular feature which most tokens on Binance Smart Chain are now utilizing to incentivize holding. The basic mechanic is that every transfer incurs a small fee which is distributed to all holders instantly so your balance grows in your wallet just by holding the token. If you buy a token with reflect tokenomics, and never transfer or sell, it is very easy to calculate your rewards. simply subtract the amount you bought from the amount you currently hold. It gets a bit more tricky to calculate as you buy multiple times or sell/transfer tokens. Further complicating the calculation is that some contracts/addresses, like a staking contract, may be excluded from transfer fees which means we don’t want to account for fees on those transfers. Another complication is that some tokens change their fees from time to time, so applying a single fee percent to all non excluded transfers can mess up the rewards calculation.

Trending on

We have also created a trending tokens section which we will be taking to twitter to let other tokens show how strong their community is by competing for the trending spots!

Next Big Update

Once the trending tokens section is live on, our next big update will be the addition of the long awaited portfolio tracker!



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