Portfolio Tracker Updates

Portfolio Overview:

Track your holdings, their current market price, their liquidity adjusted value and easily trade them on PancakeSwap with a press of a button! When viewing your portfolio, you can select any of your tokens and it will direct you to the info/rewards page for that token. This will facilitate a more user-friendly navigation through your portfolio and their respective reflection rewards rather than searching for each token manually. Furthermore, additional features such as viewing other wallet’s portfolio can be unlocked by either holding $60 worth of BNB-O1T in liquidity. This feature would allow users to easily check what other wallets (such as whales) are investing in and the liquidity adjusted value of each of their holdings.

Portfolio Short Term Roadmap:

Soon after the initial release of the portfolio tracker, O1T will have an ongoing $10k portfolio giveaway/fundraiser. The home page of our portfolio tracker (when there is no wallet connected) will feature the giveaway wallet which displays all the tokens that have been donated to it (sorted by the dollar value of each token amount). We will encourage other token projects to partner with us and donate, and encourage their communities to donate any tokens they would like. When more than $200 worth of a token is donated to the $10k portfolio giveaway, we will shout them out on our telegram/discord and twitter. The highest valued amount of tokens donated will be displayed the most prominently on the page which acts as advertising for the token with the option to trade right next to their token name and logo.

Portfolio Long Term Roadmap:

Throughout the next few months, we will be reviewing feedback and gathering community ideas for additional features to add to trackbsc.com which the team will compile into a list and sort them out depending on difficulty level and importance. This feature list will be taken back to the community to vote on the order in which we will add each feature.

How far we have come and where we will go:

This project has evolved quite a bit since its conception and initial trading price. Thanks to our dedicated team and diamond handed community, we expect that it will continue to evolve and develop as we explore new ways to use BSC to enhance our trading experience. We have shared many memes, laughs, skeptics and copycats and it has been an incredible journey so far. We will see many obstacles and achievements as we continue to explore new ways to benefit the BSC community and as we do so, Only 1 Token will continue to leave its mark on history.



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