Only 1 Token: the $10k portfolio giveaway.

Only 1 Token
3 min readApr 23, 2021


It’s been an exciting first few days for Only 1 Token (yes, there’s only 1) as we’ve seen exploding growth with the community and the price. The price of O1T reached 1 million dollars in the first 24 hours and 11 million in the first 3 days. As we continue on our journey to reach our goals to become the most expensive asset on the planet, we are actively looking for ways to benefit our incredible community.

After a significant amount of brainstorming, and input from community members, we’ve decided to create a user-friendly Defi portfolio tracking app for Binance Smart Chain (BSC). This will be a dedicated website which allows anyone to connect their BSC wallet, view all of the tokens they hold in that wallet, and see what they are worth on PancakeSwap. This will be a convenient way to monitor everything you have in one place. Sounds good, right? Well it gets better: another key benefit for our portfolio tracker is the ability for you to quickly trade any token with the click of a button.

Our goal is to become the de facto portfolio tracker for all PancakeSwap users. If we are successful in this endeavor, it will bring awareness of O1T to many people using Binance Smart Chain.

That’s great and all, but how will we get people to become aware of O1T and use our tracker? It starts with us introducing our giveaway of a diverse portfolio filled with donated BSC tokens worth $10k to one lucky O1T holder*.

We will have a donation address featured on the website where anyone can send any BSC token, making it visible on the giveaway portfolio. If anyone donates $100 or more of a token, O1T will shout them out on our socials. This will be a great way for the donors and their communities to spread awareness of their projects, while also helping others find out about O1T. As the O1T community gets larger, the incentive for teams and their communities to donate also increases. The giveaway portfolio will display holdings by total value, so the tokens that have the highest value donated will show at the top.

After we give away the first $10k portfolio, the giveaway will restart with a new portfolio.

Once we have acquired a large base of users tracking their tokens with our portfolio tracker, we can use our site to sell ad space. A portion of that revenue will go to O1T holders in the form a BNB airdrop.

Stay tuned for updates on the development of this project, and always remember; there’s Only 1 Token.

*details on how the giveaway winners will be selected will be provided in a future post.