O1T: Migration and Token Upgrade

Our Solution

Here are the benefits to the upgraded contract:

  1. Fix the liquidity tax issue
  2. Allow us time to organize and refocus our marketing efforts on the V2 release rather current price growth.
  3. Change the token name from t.me/only1token to Only1Token
  4. Exclude the Liquidity pool from transfer fees so people don’t pay the transfer fee for providing liquidity.
  5. Claim the tokens that have been stuck in the contract and use them for LP holder rewards (yield farming)
  6. Introduce a 0.2% transfer fee which goes towards project evolution and can scale with the project so we no longer ask for community donations to fund development and marketing. We can reduce each of the the two current transfer fees by 0.1% each so the total transfer fee is still 10%

Here is how the contract upgrade would go:

  1. After V1 Liquidity unlocks, we will remove liquidity to halt trading. We will then a do snapshot of holders and then we will airdrop upgraded tokens 1:1 to all O1T holders.
  2. We will blacklist old contract address that holds 25% and send those to a yield farming contract which allows people to stake LP tokens to earn a share of daily LP holder rewards.



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