New Features, Better Rewards

TrackBSC latest updates:

Most notably, the portfolio tracker release dominated the spotlight on this latest update, however we’ve also added a landing page (homepage) which gives an overview of the key features and benefits of the app as well as information about O1T and how it is the token that powers TrackBSC. We have also given a new logo and further optimized the site for mobile users.

Reporting Scam Tokens:

There has been a recent trend of spam/scam tokens which are airdropped to many wallets and the value of the airdropped tokens appear to be up to tens of thousands of dollars. These scam tokens often have a website url in the name so victims will visit the site and try to sell or “unlock” the tokens. When interacting with these scam websites, the scammers are able to access your wallet and steal everything in it. The secondary issue is that this will mess up your portfolio balance on and our goal is to allow users to eventually hide these tokens from showing up in their portfolio. For now, we have added a Report link which directs you to a google form where you can submit the name and contract address of any suspicious token and we can review and blacklist the tokens manually.

Next Update:

The world of crypto evolves at an incredibly fast pace and we aim to innovate and add features which compliment new trends and disruptive advances within this space. One feature which many new projects are implementing is hold-to-earn dividend rewards in non-native tokens. We are already working on tracking these dividend rewards within the token info pages to effectively create a single dashboard where you can view all your reflection and dividend token earnings. Additionally, we’re also working on including liquidity pool (LP) tokens tracking and their liquidity-adjusted value within the portfolio. This means having all RFI rewards, dividend token rewards and LP token values in one place for the first time ever!

LP REWARDS increase:

As of August 24, the hold-to-farm rewards that LP providers are earning has doubled from 2.5% of every buy/sell to 5% of every buy/sell. LP providers have access to all premium features of and now are earning from the PancakeSwap fees, 4.9% RFI rewards AND 5% LP rewards. Nearly 25% of the supply of O1T is held in the token contract and all of it is for LP provider rewards. Near Term Roadmap (features to be added):


  • LP tokens
  • Option to hide/show tokens (avoid scam airdrops from messing up your portfolio balance)
  • LP tokens held of specific token
  • Market Cap
  • Supply (total, burnt, circulating)
  • Number of holders
  • Percent held of circulating supply
  • Dividend token rewards Long Term Goals:

Our vision for is for it to become a DeFi information hub where anyone can check their portfolio, find unique information and stats about their holdings, track rewards and liquidity value, easily navigate to charts and other important token info websites and discover new tokens. In essence, we are building a web3 version of CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko, where all the important info that you care about is at your fingertips as soon as it becomes available on the blockchain. Some additions we are looking to add to in the future are:

  • Expand to additional exchanges and show your value based on the exchange that you can sell for the most while accounting for liquidity
  • Offer official token listings/partnerships to make it easier to discover new tokens
  • Explore page with trending, promoted tokens and other ways to discover new tokens.
  • Additional token data on token info pages



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