New Features, Better Rewards

TrackBSC latest updates:

Reporting Scam Tokens:

Next Update:

LP REWARDS increase: Near Term Roadmap (features to be added):

  • LP tokens
  • Option to hide/show tokens (avoid scam airdrops from messing up your portfolio balance)
  • LP tokens held of specific token
  • Market Cap
  • Supply (total, burnt, circulating)
  • Number of holders
  • Percent held of circulating supply
  • Dividend token rewards Long Term Goals:

  • Expand to additional exchanges and show your value based on the exchange that you can sell for the most while accounting for liquidity
  • Offer official token listings/partnerships to make it easier to discover new tokens
  • Explore page with trending, promoted tokens and other ways to discover new tokens.
  • Additional token data on token info pages




There's only 1 token

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Only 1 Token

Only 1 Token

There's only 1 token

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