Earnings and Updates

Only 1 Token
2 min readJun 12, 2021

Since our last update, the market has continued to show volatility which is one of the things we all love and hate about crypto. With buying and selling comes earnings for tokens (like O1T) that offer hold-to-earn reflect rewards. You’ve probably noticed your balance grows each time you check; well did you know we’ve introduced a tool that allows you to see exactly how much O1T you’ve earned from reflect rewards, and what that amount is worth? Simply go to https://trackbsc.com in your wallet connected browser to see how much you’ve earned.

Now that we have released the earnings tool, we have decided to create a similar tool which allows you to check the rewards you’ve earned from any token (we have purchased the domain trackbsc.com to house this new tool). Once this is released, it will be a great opportunity to share the earnings tracker with other token communities and request that they pin their token’s link in their Telegram. Anyone will be able to check their connected wallet’s earnings but O1T holders will be granted exclusive access to checking the holdings/earnings of any wallet!

The earnings tracker and the portfolio tracker together will be the foundation of the O1T utility ecosystem. As some of our Telegram members may have noticed, the portfolio tracker interface has received a design update to match our website and branding.

A unique benefit of the O1T portfolio tracker is that it will provide accurate price data while accounting for each token’s liquidity. Following the initial release of the portfolio tracker, we will continue to add exclusive features for O1T holders, and begin developing the fundraiser/charity wallet components as described in our Lightpaper. While the tools we are creating aim to improve the experience of all BSC token holders, the best experience will be reserved for those who hold Only 1 Token.